Central Lake Early Experiences and Opportunities






CLEO is a common promise to strive for the best for Central Lake's young children and their families.


  • We will intentionally and creatively connect high quality experiences and opportunities for young children and their families in Central Lake.
  • We will support optimal development, educational and family success, and well-being of young children and their families.
  • We will be guided by a fundamental commitment and demonstration that experiences and opportunities are consistently of high quality, research informed, and uniquely designed to meet community needs.

Experiences and opportunities will reflect these key elements of an exemplary early childhood program:

  1. Integration and maximizing of resources
  2. Formal and curriculum driven early learning and programming
  3. Family and community engagement and supports
  4. Professional Development embedded at all levels
  5. Data Collection and analysis integrated within and across systems


  1. 100% of young children and their families will be reached, year round
  2. All services, including curriculum, assessment, and professional development will be aligned and will use data horizontally (all 0-5) and vertically (K-3)
  3. All families will have access to resources to enhance and promote optimal development
  4. A family coach/navigator will support Central Lake families with young children
  5. We will regularly review and report child and family data that is systematic and used analytically to measure outputs, impact, and to drive continuous quality improvement.