CLEO Summer Backpack Program

CLEO Summer Backpack program was available for children entering Central Lake Public School Kindergarten 2016. This weekly opportunity provided children and their family an opportunity to meet with their Kindergarten teacher, Kari Groll, to talk about kindergarten, the developmental skills their child will need, and how home and school can support these skills through engaging activities. Planned activities and engaging materials were provided in a backpack for families to enjoy with their child each week.

Nine families took advantage of the CLEO sponsored opportunity to work one on one with their child and the kindergarten teacher to learn skills and how to support their development in the home. Partnerships that were formed set the stage for success for child, school, and family. The enthusiasm and effectiveness of this one on one opportunity is one CLEO will work to scale up to support success in the early years. Each family exceeded expectations working with their child and shared significantly with the teacher the unique interests of their child and their own observations of how skills were developing. This partnership sets the stage for a great kindergarten experience.